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C A N D E L A   M U R I L L O 


Hello! I am a creative contemporary artist from the south of Spain, Sevilla. I work on a  visual life performance where paint and dance are feeding each other as the movement and expression of the body, with visual art. Exploring  figurative and abstract nature and shapes of bodies with no limits in creating and give life to other matters.




Born in Sevilla, Candela started with her classical dance education at the Dance Conservatorie of Seville. In 2012 she becomes part of the English National Ballet Youth Co (London) under the direction of Holly Noble, participating in The  London Olympics Games 2012. In 2013 she starts studying Neoclasical dance at Centro Andaluz de Danza while getting her Advertising and PPRR university BA degree at the same time.

In 2016, she finishes a Postgraduate diploma through Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds being an apprentice with Phoenix Dance Theatre.  She gets a Masters diploma in Contemporary Dance with a Distinction (NSCD) in 2017.


During her professional career, Candela has worked with notorious choreographers like; Johan Inger (Creation project, Experimenting movement, Teatro de la Maestranza, Sevilla),  Caroline Finn, Sharon Watson, Douglas Thorpe, Aletta Colins while being at phoenix Dance Theatre (Leeds).


In 2017 she joins Dance in Art Junior Company, under the direction of Martine Van Santen. In 2018 she move to Penang (Malaysia), to be a dancer of Jet Leang Dance Theatre, working for Malaysia Independence day, and performing choreographies of Mathilde Pailley, Sufri Juwahir and Bchin Lau.

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